Closet Cosplay with thredUP: The TARDIS from Doctor Who


When I first saw this blue tank top on thredUP, I instantly thought “TARDIS.” When it arrived, I needed to give a bit more thought to what to wear it with. What does the TARDIS inspire me to look like? I came up with this.

The TARDIS is a sexy thing: The top itself is pretty sexy. Low-cut, flowy, and a nice bright color.

The TARDIS knows when to blend in and when to stand out (and it loves standing out):  A blazer and jeans is Seattle’s unofficial uniform. You could walk into any office building or public location in a blazer and jeans and probably feel at home. It also helps tone down the brightness of the top. (Most Seattlites’ wardrobes are made up of blacks and grays.) To stand out, just take off the blazer.

I accessorized with the key necklace and the TARDIS earrings, for obvious reasons. I also added some glitter to my eyes because everyone needs an excuse to wear glitter (and claiming they’re stars in space is enough of a reason for me).

Necklace: Skeleton key purchased at the Fremont Flea Market.

Earrings: TARDIS earrings purchased at SDCC, also available on

Top: Express Silk Sleeveless Top from thredUP.

What would your TARDIS-inspired outfit look like?

Check out thredUP and get 25% off your first purchase! Use code GEEKYHOSTESS25 by the end of August. 

(This is part 3 in a week-long series of closet cosplay from thredUP. Stay tuned for more!)


  1. This one is fantastic. Love these looks! 🙂

  2. This is awesome! I love the key necklace. It really pulls it all together!

    I’ve been wanting to design a police box t shirt or tank top recently… And I think today is the day. 🙂

  3. Hmm that makes me think about ways I can be geeky at work without notice.

  4. Em, I want to see it when you finish!

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