Contest: Espionage Cosmetics’ New Collection

I’ve told you all about Espionage Cosmetics before, and I’m thrilled to premiere another new collection of theirs. They’ve taken one of my fave shows (that’s full of sexy and powerful women) and used it as inspiration for their newest collection: “A Collection of Ice and Fire.”

Whether you prefer dragons or political espionage, this palette will get you looking gorgeous and ready for the throne. The colors and their descriptions are as follows:

Sun & Stars (gold/Yellow color)

Sometimes in the battles of war, we lose the ones we love, but the beauty of that love shines on forever. Sun & Stars radiates a golden glow of fading love with a hint of red shimmer like the heartbeat of devotion that never ends.

Not Today (matte red)

May the gods of death be damned because beauty this true doesn’t die. One true red- no shimmer, no shine, just pure color. For the lips, for the cheeks, for the heart of beauty. Forever.

Knight’s Watch (blue shimmer)

It’s that moment between sunset and nightfall that takes your breath away in a combination of shimmering gold and cerulean blue. Whether you’re a badass warlord or a defender of good against evil, Knight’s Watch is more than just a war paint. It’s a vow to be awesome… til death.

Iron Price (charcoal grey)

Smokey eyes don’t ask for attention, they command it. With Iron Price as a driving force, your eyes are sure to storm any castle like rolling clouds that spark diamond flashes of lightning. Beauty is the new world power.

It’s available for $27.99 for the full collection or $7.50 per color at (and they’re offering FREE shipping for this collection!). Want to win a set? Enter using the Rafflecopter below! The contest is open to readers from US and Canada.

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You can now get the rest of Espionage Cosmetics’ collections from Think Geek! I recommend checking out the “Eye Spy” collection, which includes my favorite color: “Josephine Baker.”


  1. I love the knights watch blue! is so intense !

  2. I love the “Not today” color! I had never found such an intense red before!

  3. I love Knight’s Watch, what a gorgeous colour! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

  4. Oh my goodness, I love the red! I just love using pigment for my lips instead of lipstick, so excited to use it~

    Also Iron Price is so prettyyyyy

  5. These colors are stunning. I really can’t wait to experiment with “Not Today”. It’s one of my favorite lines from the books, and the color is every bit as inspiring.

  6. I don’t think I can choose between Knight’s Watch & Sun and Stars! They are both too beautiful.

  7. Great product!!

  8. Oh my god, I love Not Today and Knight Watch. I think Not Today may be my favorite though because frankly… I need more good red makeup in my life. 😀 (Sorry “Knight Watch”, you’re definitely my second favorite! 😉 )

  9. Knights Watch – but then again I am a sucker for blue makeup, it’s pretty much the only eye shadow color I own.

  10. The knights watch and the sun and stars. G.O.T for life! 😀

  11. Excellent! I really like their Girl Gamer and Java collections, too. This is the first time I’ve wanted to buy make-up in years!

  12. Iron price sounds amazing

  13. iron price sounds good.

  14. The Knight’s watch is my fave.

  15. Iron price is very pretty

  16. Iron Price

  17. I love the iron price and the knights watch! All the more so because I love this series and TV show!

  18. What a neat giveaway!!

    Also, I am from Seattle too!!!

  19. So…you know it’s Night’s Watch, right? Did the people that made these even read the books?

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