Dammit Liz Holiday Special!

dammit liz

Today’s the first day it hit freezing in Seattle, which means it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. Or something. I dunno. I’m cold.

But if you are in the holiday spirit and are looking for things to do, I suggest you grab your tickets for the Dammit Liz Holiday Special! An amazing geeky group of performers will be getting together to warm our hearts and spread holiday cheer at the Triple Door in Seattle on December 2nd. Everyone who’s anyone in the Seattle Geek community will be in attendance.

Want to know more about the event? Visit the Dammit Liz Facebook page, where we’re currently celebrating the 12 Days of Lizmas. Each day will bring another video, giveaway, or other bit of cheer related to the show! You can win tickets, music, and more while getting to know the performers a bit better.

You can purchase your tickets here. Will I see you at the show?


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