Desert Bus 9 Recap

This past week, I spent some time in beautiful Victoria B.C. to handle media relations for Desert Bus for Hope. Desert Bus is a live-streamed charity event that raises money for Child’s Play Charity. In this, its 9th year, it raised $677,914 which brought its lifetime total to Child’s Play to over $3.1 million.

In addition to getting some fantastic press coverage from folks like PolygonWired, and The Smithsonian, I got my very own official driving shift! On Monday night, I “drove the bus” for 8 hours. During that run, I tried sprinkles on a lot of food, had some great call-ins, held a bake-off, auctioned off a bunch of great stuff, and sat prisoner while experiments were done on squeaky ducks. Here are some pics and videos of some of my favorite moments of both my driving shift and Desert Bus as a whole.

I decided to do a series of challenges themed to my “Will Sprinkles Make it Better” video series on Instagram. This was the video for Habanero Jelly. It was spicy.


Tally made a smaller version of her famous “creepy doll” that had the noisemaker from a squeaky duck doll in it. It was terrifying, and it wanted to be my friend.


The results of the bake-off on my shift were freaking amazing. The winner, Betsy, not only decorated the tops of her cupcakes to look like the Desert Bus logo, but the actual cake is colored and layered to be the logo! AHHH! So cool! And as amazing as that is, it was still incredibly difficult to pick one winner. You can see all of the entries here!

Skeletor and Tara

Skeletor stopped by to visit during my driving shift. (Photo by Andrew Ferguson!)


The Doubleclicks called in and we danced while they performed “Cats at Parties.”

While the bus has stopped driving for the year, you can still donate at, or you can go straight to Child’s Play Charity and donate there. Did you tune in this past week? What were your fave moments?

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