DnD For Dads

James Stowe created some fantastic (and easy to use) character sheets that he could use when running a DnD campaign for his 8-year-old son and his friends. He is generously sharing a PDF file where you can download all of the sheets, and rumor has it he’s making a set for girls as well. I hadn’t thought of introducing DnD to a younger set before, but now I can’t think of a better idea. Kids have such a larger imagination and set of problem solving skills than adults–they’d be fantastic!

(If you use and love the sheets, show some love and send a donation James’ way!)


  1. The art and rewording of the powers are FANTASTIC! That PDF is going right into the “If/When I am a father” folder. ^_^

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  3. Hello
    My friend showed me the character sheets you produced … i am keen to gather a copy as i run a not for profit fun group teaching kids DnD …. but unfortunately your link does not work, can you give me a current link please


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