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 Doctor Who Print Cookbook Cover

You thought you were a Doctor Who fan? Check out Chris-Rachael Oseland. Her unauthorized Doctor Who cookbook, “Dining With The Doctor,” has a different recipe based on each episode of the first six seasons of the reboot (starting in 2005). The recipes vary from a cocktail served in an episode, to a cutesy snack in the form of a Dalek, all the way to full entrees. Your entire day’s meals could be Doctor Who-themed! It even has an entire 16-page chapter on various Fish Fingers and Custards. Another bonus: The cookbook includes US and UK-based measurements, so all Whovians can use it without trouble.

DW Dalek Ironside Toast Sandwich

This cookbook can help you put together the perfect Doctor Who feast before the next episode comes out, and with 2-day shipping or the Kindle version, you can still get it in time for the Christmas special!

I foresee a Doctor Who brunch in my future. It’ll include Slitheen eggs, the Family of Blood(y Mary), and a Cinnamon Pull-Apart Crack in the Wall. Delicious!

Dining with the Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook, $19.99 for Paperback, $7.99 for Kindle edition at


A pdf copy of Dining with the Doctor was provided to me to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. I think I found something to buy for myself for xmas! Love it.

  2. Downloaded on kindle- can’t wait to lunch today!

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