Doorstep Meals Saved This Tired Mom

I love cooking. I have a recipe blog, I write cookbooks, I love to entertain. But even I have my limits. And going back to work with a baby that doesn’t like to sleep, all while there’s a global pandemic going on? It’s a lot. So when Doorstep Meals reached out about letting me try their meals, I was all in. And dear readers, I’m so glad I tried them.

Doorstep Meals are individually portioned meals full of protein and veggies and low on calories. You just pop one in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes and you’re eating a balanced meal that will make you feel like you have a live-in chef. The meals were well-seasoned and some even had a bit of a kick (I love the meals with the spicy “cowboy butter” that melts into the dish!). And the fact I was eating a balanced meal with no preservatives made me feel way better than if I were to eat a bowl of pasta or ramen for the tenth day in a row.

While I still like to plan to make a few meals a week, these quick meals are the perfect addition for the busy breakfasts and lunches between meetings and feeding my baby. It honestly took me longer to decide which one to eat than it took to make some days. You can pick your meals every week, and you can even select from keto or paleo options if that’s your jam. Plus, many of the meal plans come with some cookies that they claim are “healthy.” Look, I’m not gonna say no if you’re encouraging me to have a cookie. The normal size satiated my hunger (which is a hard thing to do), but they make a larger size if you have a huge appetite or plan to share the meal with another person.

If you’re a new parent or super busy at work or going through something existential between the darkness of winter and the ongoing pandemic, take one stressor off your plate and grab a set of Doorstep Meals. You can get an additional free meal with your order by using this link:

Doorstep meals sent me an assortment of meals to sample in exchange for this post, but all words and opinions are mine. 


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!!!!!

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