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Phew! Emerald City Comicon took way more out of me than I thought. I had a great time on panels, at screenings, and meeting people, but ended up being too tired to function for multiple days after. The con may have ended on Sunday, but I’m just now ready to start talking about all of the cool things I saw! Starting with: Vendors. I spend most of my time at conventions in the exhibit hall, and this was no exception. There were old favorites (like Espionage Cosmetics and CuteBricks) and a bunch of new folks that I fell in love with. You need to check out the following folks immediately:

We Love Fine


I’ve been an admirer of WeLoveFine for a while, but finally bought my first pair of leggings from them on Saturday and wore them on Sunday. They were super comfy and I got lots of compliments! I can already see more legging purchases in my future…

Daily Lovelies

Daily Lovelies


Yes, I have a weakness for geeky cosmetics. And yes, I already have too much. But when I found the adorable Daily Lovelies, I couldn’t resist grabbing some to try! I purchased the gorgeous and glittery “Who’d Want Me for a Flatmate?” (seen above), and “I Solemnly Swear I’m Up To No Good,” a shimmery neutral that has already become my go-to eyeshadow base.

The Truffle Cottage


I unfortunately didn’t get to try these truffles, but that didn’t stop me from staring at them every time I passed by the booth. I mean, they have chocolate truffles in the shapes of the Ghostbusters and Superman logos, and Iron Man’s head, and they have large TARDIS truffles, and…and…you just have to check them out. And if you’re ever looking for a gift for me, you know where to find it.



I’ve seen Zoms at a few different conventions, and I always have to stop to ooh and aww over the cutest plush zombie the world’s ever seen. They’ve grown to include a few different types of plushies, and I hear they have some really cool new ones that they’ll be launching soon.

Were you at ECCC? What exhibitors did you fall in love with?

I’ll be profiling one more vendor in detail tomorrow, so stay tuned!


  1. I love cute bricks, but I didn’t see anything new and jaw dropping from them. My Lego heart necklace is still my favorite though. Optimystical Studios had a HUGE booth with a bazillion necklaces, earrings, charms, and other geeky girly goodies. I got 2 Ms. Marvel & Captain Marvel inspired earrings from them. Love them so much!
    I totally missed the Truffle Cottage and Daily Lovelies.
    I was … Dissapointed by We Love Fine. I *know* they have a HUGE selection of women’s size shirts on their site, but the majority of what they brought was men’s shirts. Oh well, I did get my Cap Marvel dress, and a Deadpool cardigan for my husband from them… What they did have was unique compared to the 10 other tshirt vendors there.
    I think this was the best year yet – but its gotten so big, I’m certain I missed at least 10% of the vendors and displays.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t buy anything new from Cute Bricks, but I absolutely love the necklace I already have! And I forgot about Optimystical Studios! They’re always great!

  3. I wish I had been able to go to ECCC! I was just a little too late to buy tickets for the days I wanted to go. Thanks for sharing these cool vendors though! I love learning about new products.

  4. Thank you, Kelsey! And yeah, tickets sold out quickly this year!

  5. ooooh Truffles! And Daily Lovelies is officially bookmarked!

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