Edible Spray Paint

Icing and sprinkles not enough for your baked goods? Chicken not looking shiny enough? Give some metallic, edible spray paint a try. The feat as possible with a small Mac700 air compressor.

ESSLACK has metallic gold, silver, pink, and blue paints available for € 24,80.

Not in Germany? You can also order Kosher Chefmaster Edible Spray from Amazon in gold, silver, or pearl.

These spray paints can be used to cover a full edible ensemble or can be used with stencils to add a fun decoration to whatever you’re making.

What would you cover with edible spray paint?

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  1. Duff, of Charm City Cakes and the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes has his own line of decorating supply’s available through Micheal’s. Including a full line of colored and metallic edible spray paints. I currently have a bottle of the purple in my cubbord as we speak.


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