Espionage Cosmetics Announces Lip Gloss Line

Kiss of Death Image

I have a weakness. And that weakness is lip gloss. I have a giant cookie jar overflowing with different glosses and lip things, and yet I still buy more. So naturally, I squealed a bit when I heard that Espionage was releasing a lip gloss line. They’ll be releasing 3 sets of this line over the next year, and I’m already thrilled with the ones they came out with. (Plus, their promo photos are SO cool!)

These first two glosses are vegan, gluten free, and contain coconut oil and vitamin e oil. Although they seem so good for you, they’re all based on fictional characters with a “Kiss of Death” and their names represent that:

Venom is coral with a gold shimmer, tastes like peaches, AND it’s blacklight reactive! So cool.

Fatality is a clear gloss with gold shimmer, tastes like buttercream frosting (my favorite) and is specially formulated so you can blend it with any of your Espionage Cosmetics colors to make a unique gloss.

You can find these glosses at Espionage Cosmetics’ Online Store or at any convention the lovely ladies may be attending. OR you can win the set right now! Just follow the directions in the Rafflecopter below. I’ll pick a winner on  May 22nd!

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  1. Tamara Vallejos

    Oh man. I wanted Venom just because of the Poison Ivy reference but then you said it’s blacklight reactive and tastes like peaches and now I must have it!

  2. Venom looks so pretty and I am languishing for that blacklight reactive feature, but I don’t like peaches. So, sounds like Fatality is the one for me. Mm, buttercream.

  3. Venom sounds amazing!!!

  4. Fatality looks gorgeous, and reminds me of the summer when I worked at the video game arcade and OWNED at Mortal Kombat. Plus, frosting.

  5. I’m kinda liking both! Venom for the flavor and blacklight-reactivity, and Fatality for the versatility of adding your own color!!! Win-win!!!

  6. Oh my goodness…I adore Espionage stuff, and this just ups the ante. I can’t wait to try Fatality!

  7. 2 of my favorite things….LIP GLOSS AND ESPIONAGE COSMETICS!

  8. I am looooving Venom. SO PRETTY.

  9. Really do love the Venom. So glad they are making lip gloss now! The Otaku set from Espionage has become my go to for work even. Great products and a local company <3

  10. I love a coral lip gloss so I am excited for Venom! Also reminds me of the Spider-Man villain!

  11. I like Venom because of the color…but then I could make Fatality any color I want AND have it take like buttercream (which is much preferable to peach).

  12. I am super stoked about Venom. You can’t go wrong with a good coral lip and who doesn’t love the Poison Ivy reference. The fact that it also tastes like peaches is just another added bonus!

  13. I am loving this photo set! All you can look at are the lips, and now I want my own gloss.

  14. I love both of them, but black light reflective is pretty awesome!

  15. Mmm, I work with buttercream all day as a cake decorator, so I was going to go with something different and try Venom, but I love that Fatality can be mixed up with the colors I have to create something new. Ugh, can I choose both? 😉
    Fatality it is…because I want to see my Hera powder made into lip gloss.

  16. I love both of those, but Venom is so pretty!

  17. I love Venom, but I always feels silly when I have brightly colored lips… But, buttercream tasting with a touch of shimmer? I like the sound that!

  18. Venom looks amazing! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  19. Ohhh I love their makeup!!!

  20. I LOVE Espionage and am STOKED about their lip gloss collection!!

  21. Annalisse Strippoli

    Espionage Cosmetic products are so unique and inventive. I love the colors and new releases!

  22. I want both of these, and also all of Espionage’s other things.

  23. I like Venom the best because coral colors just tend to look better on me.

  24. These sound awesome!

  25. I like Venom. Coral tends to be a good universal color.

  26. Oh my goodness, this is so exciting! I’m a huge lip balm and gloss addict and I’m so excited to see that they are carrying it. =)

  27. Oops. My favorite color has to be the Venom. =)

  28. I love that it’s gluten-free! I’ve given up on wearing any lip stuff except EOS lip balm, because finding gluten-free lip stuff is so overwhelming. (I have celiac disease.) And it’s gorgeous. I love the color of the Venom.

  29. I didn’t even know there was gluten in lip stuff! So crazy. And yeah, the colors are amazing, and the lip gloss is really nice to wear. Not too sticky!

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