Geek Beauty: Glitter Masks

ECCC Glitter Masks

In honor of their newest collection and the amazing superhero they came up with to go along with it, Espionage Cosmetics spent Emerald City Comicon putting glitter masks on people. When I first saw them, I thought they were rhinestones placed on a face, but they’re actually done with eyelash glue and loose glitter! Here’s how to make a glitter mask of your own:

IMG_4807 small

Use black eyelash glue┬áto dab small dots on your face in the shape of a mask. Let dry slightly so it won’t run/smudge.

IMG_4808 small

Take loose glitter (we used ones from Espionage Cosmetics’ Comic Book collection) and tap it lightly over the glue dots, making sure you cover them all. Then take scotch tape and lightly remove the excess from your skin by going between the dots. If you want a look similar to Kristina and Liz up top, you can stop here! If you’re looking for more of a two-toned look, continue on.

IMG_4811 small

Using clear eyelash glue, apply dots in the middle of your mask or where you would like the second color to appear.

IMG_4814 smallLike the first time, pat the second color on lightly over the slightly-dried glue dots, and try to avoid getting the glitter onto the first color. Remove the excess with scotch tape.

IMG_4818 small

You’re ready to fight crime and look fabulous!

Check out Espionage’s full line of makeup at


  1. I love these! Especially the two-toned ones. These would be so fun to do at a slumber party!

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  3. I picked up some of their colors on Sunday – and the whole ECCC collection for a good friend of mine who loves makeup a whole lot more than me! I saw people running around with the glitter masks – but didn’t realize they came from that booth! (Maybe they stopped doing them by the time I got there, it was pretty close to the end of the day then…)

  4. Awesome! What colors did you get?

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