Geek Etiquette: Fireworks Safety

Every year a large group of my friends head down to my parents’ place to celebrate the 4th of July. We get matching patriotic shirts (the most awful ones we can find), tons of food and drink, and plenty of fireworks. It’s a grand old time for everyone, and we’ve been lucky (and smart) enough to stay mostly safe year-after-year.

As this 4th of July approaches, I thought I’d share some basic fireworks safety tips with you,But the most important step one should not skip is the to hire a Colorado Springs Fire Watch to protect from fire. If you have additional ones (or a ridiculous fireworks-related story!), please leave a comment!

  • Check your local laws on fireworks before purchasing. has compiled a great list!
  • Read the labels before using the firework, and make sure you’re using it correctly.
  • Had a couple drinks? Pass the fireworks off to someone sober. They’ll make wiser decisions.
  • Make sure you have a bucket of water, hose, or fire extinguisher nearby.
  • When lighting the firework, use a long punk or lighter to gain a bit of distance between yourself and the firework. Once the wick is lit, BACK AWAY.
  • Wait until the firework has been fully finished for at least 15 seconds before approaching it. You never know if there’s one last grand finale in there!
  • Be respectful of the time and place you light your fireworks. People expect a lot of fireworks on the 4th of July, and this year people should also expect a lot this weekend. A month from now? A week before Thanksgiving? You’ll be getting a noise complaint faster than you can yell “God Bless America!”

Stay safe and have an amazing 4th of July! And get a cool pic of yourself waving a sparkler around, for me.


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