Geek Fashion: Disneyland Attire

I’ve returned from Disneyland, and although I’m sunburnt and exhausted, I wanted to take a moment to share a bit about the trip. Most importantly, what I wore.

These were the coolest ears in the park (and there are a lot of cool ears)! You can’t go wrong when you mix R2-D2 and Disney.


The shirt I wore is one of my own design–it’s the first prototype for a series of shirts that I may start selling on Geeky Hostess. Want one? Let me know!


Disney Pro Tip: Don’t have enough money to buy ears from the park for everyone in your group? Stop by a Walmart, party store, or Amazon and pick up these paper ear party favors! I grabbed them as a gag gift for us to wear the morning we were getting ready, but my group ended up wearing them the entire day. They looked ridiculous, but got us multiple compliments from guests and cast members alike at Disneyland. At 50 cents a piece, it was an awesome purchase!

What’s your Disneyland outfit/accessory of choice?


  1. Love the mini ears! I always have a pair of ears on my head when I go – not only do they get me in the mood for magic, but they are great at protecting my part from getting sunburned!

    As for clothing, while I used to opt for Disney-themed shirts, now I try and create princess-esque looks with clothes I own. Hands down though I still think the best way is to make matching Mousketeer shirts — white with your name in black letters.

  2. I want a princess shirt! Love this post, Tara! Adorable as always! Em and I are gonna go to Disneyland in August!

  3. Yay! Have fun! And make sure to do Tower of Terror and Star Tours–those were our faves!

  4. SO smart! I’m dealing with the aftermath of a burned part right now.

    Love the princess-themed looks and Mouseketeer shirt ideas!

  5. Love that shirt! I definitely want one!

  6. LOVE the ears, but I love the top even more & I’m not a girly/princess kinda chick at all. It’s perfect without being over the top in it’s princess-y glory. When are they going on sale? 🙂

  7. Thanks! I’m the same way–I don’t normally wear Princess-y things, but I thought this was nice and subtle!

    It may be a month or so, but I’ll let you all know as soon as they go on sale!

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