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R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

I got way too excited when I saw this item come up in ThinkGeek’s email today. This R2-D2 measuring cup set looks adorable on your kitchen counter, and is actually super practical. Take a look at all it holds: This is a licensed ThinkGeek exclusive, and you can get it […]

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Geek Fashion: Disneyland Attire

I’ve returned from Disneyland, and although I’m sunburnt and exhausted, I wanted to take a moment to share a bit about the trip. Most importantly, what I wore. These were the coolest ears in the park (and there are a lot of cool ears)! You can’t go wrong when you […]

A Geeky Home

R2-D2 Rug

In honor of Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you!), I think it’s time to redecorate a room. You can go all out with a Star Wars theme, or you can add a small, subtle rug to enhance the nerdiness of a normal room. This rug would be […]

Fun Food

R2D2 Cake

This R2D2 cake, complete with sounds, is AMAZING. Check out the video below to find out how Stacked Cakes made it: Star Wars has never looked more delicious. Visit Stacked Cakes to see more cake-spiration, including an amazing edible Dalek. I’d exterminate that. (Source: Neatorama)

Fun Food

R2-D2 Makes Lunch Way Cooler

This R2-D2 lunchbox is soft, insulated, adorable, and lights up and makes sounds. It’s sure to make your kid (or you!) the coolest kid in school/your cubicle. Star Wars Novelty Lunch Kit: $12.99 at Toys R Us. Source: That’s Nerdalicious

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SkyMall is Your Friend

While traveling this weekend, I got to partake in one of my favorite pastimes: Looking through SkyMall. And while they had all of their traditional over-the-top products, I noticed many items catering to the geek. Take a look at some of these: Voice Activated R2-D2. Harry Potter Artefact Box Magic […]

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Han Solo in Carbon-ice

Next time it’s your turn to entertain in your monthly Villain’s book club (seriously, can I start one of those?), make sure your lemonades are iced with Han Solo. In carbonite. These ice molds are available for pre-order for $8.99, and will be in-stock starting July 2011. They also have […]