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Geeky Fashion

Geek Fashion: Disneyland Attire

I’ve returned from Disneyland, and although I’m sunburnt and exhausted, I wanted to take a moment to share a bit about the trip. Most importantly, what I wore. These were the coolest ears in the park (and there are a lot of cool ears)! You can’t go wrong when you […]

Geeky Fashion

Geek Fashion: The Future of Dress Shirts

Do you or a guy in your life have to wear dress shirts on a daily basis? This may change your/their life. Ministry of Supply is currently running a very successful Kickstarter campaign for a new dress shirt that borrows technology from NASA. The shirt will keep you comfortable all […]

Geeky Fashion

Kate Spade Helps You Break the Rules

This year, resolve to get a bit cheeky with Kate Spade’s new “Resolve to Break the Rules” line. Anything that encourages me to eat cake for breakfast is fine by me! (And how cute would the “skirt the rules” tee look with a cute flirty skirt in a bright color?) […]