Geek Etiquette: Game It Forward

I spent the weekend playing games (and cooking video game-themed food) to raise money for the Seattle Children’s Hospital through Extra Life. My team and I had a great time and ended up raising $2,722! One of the highlights was when Brandon Bozze, founder of Game It Forward, joined us for some charity-based gaming. We played Free Rice while talking about his new company and their first game, Tringo (a cross between trivia games and bingo). Tringo is a casual, competitive game where you score points based on your trivia knowledge, and those points end up turning into money donated to the charity of your choice. They’re already partnered with Seattle Children’s Hospital, and hope to partner with more charities in a range of areas soon.

You can check out Game it Forward on their IndieGoGo page, and if you feel so inclined, you can donate to their campaign. They need our help to help others!

Between Game It Forward, Free Rice, and Extra Life, I’m pretty excited about the charity-gaming partnerships out there. Are there other games or companies out there I’m forgetting? Leave them in the comments! And then go game–it’ll make the world a better place.

Stay tuned this week for recipes and info on the meals I cooked during Extra Life, and a big thanks to everyone who tuned in during the 24 hours!

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