Geek Etiquette: Manners In a Digital World

manners in a digital world

Guys, I’ve been saying that technology is changing some of our rules on etiquette for a while, and now Emily Post agrees. (“Emily Post agrees” is one of my favorite phrases/arguments ever.)

The new book, “Manners in a Digital World”¬†answers questions such as:

  • Do you have a healthy digital diet?
  • What are your digital house rules?
  • What are the top ten mobile manners?
  • What three things should your kids know before they go online?
  • Should you friend your boss?
  • Is online dating right for you?”
It’s the perfect gift for grads, your new social media intern, or your parents. We know they need digital help.

You can find it for $12.69 at

What’s your best online etiquette tip?

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  1. Why do I have a feeling much of the way people interact on tumblr would be disapproving to Ms. Post? Of course, I think much of what’s on most social media lacks certain etiquette but tumblr is possibly my favorite for unique behavior in a (mostly) positive way.

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