Geek Etiquette: Protect Your Table

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Coasters are great for soaking up condensation, preventing rings from forming on your tables, and keeping the surface clean, but how often do you use them? How about placemats?

I encourage you to try using some table protectors this week. It may feel like a hassle at first, but the cleanliness of your table (and how fancy you feel while eating) may make you a convert.

Get the right coasters and placemats, and you’ll be keeping your place clean and decorated at the same time! Check out these ones from

Map Pin Coasters, $10.50 for 4

Chat Coasters, $10.50 for 4

Cinema Placemat, $7 for 2

Folder placemat, $7 for 2

What are your coasters/placemats of choice? And will you be partaking in the “protect your table” challenge this week?


  1. Hey Tara!
    I was just wondering whether you had any tips for a Geek on a budget?
    I’m not exactly earning enough money to buy all the cool things that you talk about.
    Thanks : ) x

  2. Sure! Be on the lookout for some “budget-friendly” posts in the future!

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