Geek Fit Review: ClassPass


At the beginning of November, I had the opportunity to sign up for and try ClassPass, the monthly fitness class membership. You can sign up for unlimited classes near  you offered from a variety of studios, and for only $99 a month.

The user experience is very slick. When you sign up, you see a site similar to the one pictured above. It lets you sign up for classes, learn about studios, and see the classes you’ve already taken. Once you sign up for a class, you have the opportunity to add it to your Google Calendar, and it sends you a reminder email with any important info you’ll need to know before the class begins. This is great for when you’re trying new workouts–it tells you the type of clothing to wear, and if you need to bring anything special with you.

I had grand plans of exercising daily with ClassPass, but I was out of town for the second half of the month and busy prepping for my trips before that. Because of this, I only attended 4 classes. However, I loved the classes I attended and learned a lot about my preferences thanks to ClassPass! The 4 classes included:

Barre3: My favorite go-to for barre classes. Still love it! It leaves me feeling renewed, relaxed, and energized.

Antigravity yoga: This was fun, but probably isn’t going to become a regular class for me. I enjoyed wrapping myself up in the aerial silks, but some of the positions left bruises and marks from the silks and hanging upside down for long periods of time just wasn’t really for me.

Power45: This is Flywheel’s version of Barre. The instructor definitely acts more like a spin instructor than the Barre3 instructors I’m used to: They’re loud, encouraging, and fast-paced instead of calm and relaxing. This class was tough but fun. I could see making this a regular part of my workout routine and constantly pushing myself to be able to hold the exercises for longer and do better. Bonus: Everyone in this class was SO nice. People started conversations with me before class started and everyone was positive and encouraging throughout and after the class.

Fly 45: I tried my first spin class and LOVED it. Thanks, Flywheel! It was tough and I was drenched with sweat and bright red, but the instructors was amazing and they keep you motivated and uplifted the whole time. I felt like I was dying, but in a fun way. That’s a thing, right? I look forward to doing more spin classes, as long as I don’t have anywhere I have to be immediately after. Like I said, you get drenched.

I would definitely recommend ClassPass to folks who want to try a lot of different fitness classes and have the time to go to enough to make the cost worth it. If you’re traveling for half the month like I was, it may not make a lot of sense, unless you’re going to another ClassPass city. If that’s the case, you can continue taking classes there!

If you want to try ClassPass yourself, visit and get started! (If you have a fitness-loving friend, it also makes a great holiday gift. Get a month for each of you and schedule classes together for a built-in workout buddy!)

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