Geek Girl Pen Pals


One problem I have as a modern day geek is that I’ve amassed a fantastic collection of stationary and cards, yet I have no one to send them to. The only times I’ve sent mail in the last few years has been for annual holiday cards and wedding-related stationary. So I’m thrilled with what @darlingstewie and @frogmellaink have created: An opportunity for us geeky ladies to use the postal system while making friends in the process! Finally–an excuse to buy even more fun stationary and spoil someone with all kinds of cute little geeky surprises.

You can sign up for the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club at But hurry–you need to get your name submitted by April 1st!


I can’t wait to see who I get!


  1. Bummer, they’re already full! But, I “Like”ed them on Facebook so I can know when/if they do a second batch. I knew I should have signed up at work when I first saw this post…

    I think this is a GREAT idea. I’d really like more geeky female friends. They seem few and far between in these parts.

  2. I’ll have to “Like” them on Facebook as well – although I do wonder how well I’ll do with this, haha – I was terrible at writing back to pen pals when I was a kid…. But I’ll give it a shot, and sign up with the next batch (I certainly work in a nice stash of geeky gifts :D)

  3. Looks like they replied to someone saying there will be another round eventually. In the mean time, if you have someone you regularly or even casually chat with on places like tumblr, livejournal, really any online community, you can always ask if they want to be pen pals! I trade letters w/ small trinkets with one of my tumblr friends on the major holidays of the year. It’s as much fun putting the together as it is receiving one! Also, a great excuse to collect stationary and random bits and baubles you think someone would like. 😉

  4. Yeah! They filled up FAST! Pretty exciting to see all of the interest!

  5. Suzanna, great idea!

  6. They are full, but I’m so going to do this!

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