Geeky Fashion: TMNT Dress

A couple weeks ago, these TMNT and Power Rangers dresses were all over the internet. Because I’m a hard-hitting geek fashion journalist, I instantly purchased the TMNT Leonardo dress so I could try it out and report back to you. Once it came, I did what any of us would–surprised my husband with pizza at work. I have to say, I felt a little bit like I could be hired out for a geeky bachelor party.

The dress itself is very stretchy and comfortable, but the screen print is very thick. This becomes a problem if you’re well-endowed (or want to wear a push-up bra with the dress, as I did). The printing cracked a tiny bit near the top as it stretched, but it’s nothing too noticeable.

If you’re looking for a fun dress for the summer/beach, want to get the most awesome matching dresses for a geeky Bachelorette party, or want something comfortable and fun to wear to cons, these dresses are where it’s at. Because it’s cotton, the dresses can be worn more often than your average polyester Halloween costume, and it can almost pass as real clothing.

The dresses are $33.95 each at

Where would you wear a dress like this? And how come everyone hates on Leonardo?


  1. AHH! You look so freakin’ CUTE! Love that!

  2. Cery cool TMNT Dress! Looks great

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