Geeky Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is this Sunday, and today’s pretty much the last day to get something shipped to you from Amazon Prime. (Yes, that’s how I assess the closeness of all holidays and big events.) Still have no clue what to get your geeky dad? Take a look at these suggestions from me and some of my twitter followers:

Collectible Action Figures

Your dad is your superhero. so why not show him by getting him a sweet action figure? Shawn from Dad Unmasked is hoping for this Iron Man figurine: “As you can tell from my blog, I’m really into the superhero things for as long as I can remember. I am decorating my house (in a classy way) with cool superhero drawings and figures. I am also collecting AVENGER figurines and I’d really like to complete the set. I keep them on my desk at home next to my IMac of course. :)”
Iron Man Collectible Figurine, $19.99 at

An Apron


If your dad likes to bake, cook or grill, or is just a really messy eater, pick him up a sweet apron. I’m loving these superhero ones–Amazon has a variety of Marvel and DC characters available.

Superman Apron, $17.60 at

A Good Book

What’s better than relaxing with a good book? Get your dad one of your favorites, or one he’s had his eye on. Better yet, get a copy for both you and set a follow-up lunch date to discuss it!  Charlie (of  various publications and twitter) tells us why he wants a book: ‘After playing all the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, Metro 2033, sitting through countless survival horror/open world/zombie/apocalypse video games, pen-and-paper role playing, and board games I just want to curl up with a nice single player book. I’ve been eyeballing a vintage collector’s edition of Roadside Picnic for some time, but lo and behold there’s a reprint out right now for a measly $11 on Amazon. This classic Russian novel spawned a movie, a video game franchise (recently deceased), and an ardent band of Chernobyl-loving Zone freaks intent on living their cosplay fantasies from behind Geiger counters and surplus respirators. I would recommend against the digital version, however. You’ll want to be able to read this one after the end-times while you’re drinking filthy water from a ditch… for the irony.”
Roadside Picnic, $10.85 at

A Little Bit of Everything


Still not sure what to get him?  How about a bunch of fun, smaller goodies? Think Geek has put together three sizes of Father’s Day tins, and they’re currently 25% off their original price. The gifts include edibles, minifigures, cubicle toys, and tools.
Father’s Day Tin, $29.99-59.99 at

Whether you get him a gift or not, make sure you let your dad know how much he means to you this weekend. Happy Father’s Day!



  1. We have the Green Lantern apron- and it’s really good quality, thick fabric, as well as being awesome.

  2. Ooh, good to know!

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