Get Prepped for Doctor Who

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special is airing this Saturday, and you’d think it’s Christmas over in my household. Mr. Geek and I are excitedly watching all of the new trailers and footage as it comes out, and can’t wait to see what Saturday has in store. If you want to catch up on some facts on Doctor Who, or if you’re a new Whovian and want to learn a bit more about the classic Doctors, check out this infographic:

Doctor Who Infographic: 50 Years of Traveling in Time and Space

Still want more info? Check out Doctor Who: A History by my friend Alan.

Get prepped for a Doctor Who party or fantastic feast with Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook by the fabulous Chris-Rachael!

Will you be watching the new episode? Will you see it from the comfort of your home or in a movie theater?

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