Giga Pudding: For When You Hate Your Guests

Giga Pudding is terrifying. Some sort of large custard dish found in Japan, the ad features screaming child-songs about the pudding, along with some images of people enjoying it way too much.

So my friends at LaughPong decided to do something about it.

I would post the recipes for their homemade Giga Pudding, but I don’t hate you all. Seriously. There are still remnants in some of their fridges. And I think it’s growing. Don’t make this. Your guests will not like it. Make cookies instead. For the love of all that is good, please.

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  1. In the defense of Giga Pudding, we have never actually tried the real deal. It could be amazing. It does seem to be a highly sought after item in the states. But I will be the first to admit that all Giga Pudding like things we made for that video were the worst!

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