Gollum Makes a Pesky Ring Bearer

This is one of the most hilarious and wonderful things I’ve ever seen.

1. Four Weddings is an awful, horrible, no good show. It pits 4 brides against each other to see who has the “best” wedding. Which means each bride will have three girls at her wedding with the sole purpose of judging her, comparing her wedding to their own. Ridiculous. (And yes, I’ve watched it. I love a good train wreck. Don’t get me started on my favorite show, “Toddlers and Tiaras”.)

2. Gollum gave up that ring a lot quicker than I thought he would.

3. Seriously. This is the best, most creative thing I’ve seen. But are your in-laws not loving the idea of a nearly-naked man throwing a fit in the middle of your wedding? Find other ways to incorporate the idea into your ceremony. Perhaps have a ring pillow with “My Precious” stitched into it. Get creative!


  1. yup, totally lol’d at that one.

  2. Wow…the best part for me were the comments from the ladies as they tried to intepret wth was going on! You’ve given me so many diff ideas that I’m starting to think of having a vow renewal. An epic, gollum crashing, photobooth taking, super mario dance party vow renewal..but still 🙂

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