Harry Potter vs. Ghostbusters: Help Me Pick My New Decor

Happy January! I’ve been a bit MIA for two reasons: I wanted to spend as much time with family as I could over the holidays, and I moved! I’m still in the same city, but am now in a super cute townhouse close to a bunch of my friends. Moving has been quite the process over the last week or so, but now I’m in the unpacking, reorganizing, and decorating stage, which is the most fun ever. (Mr. Geek may disagree.) This brings me to today’s post: I need your help.

See, we have this cute little bathroom on our main floor. It’s right next to the living room and kitchen, which means it will see the most traffic from guests. The bathroom has a black marble countertop and yellow walls. I instantly had an idea of how I would decorate it: I would keep it simple with black accessories (hand towel, soap dispenser, trash can, etc.) and put up a nice print of a badger on the wall above the toilet. To non-geeks, the bathroom will just look “nice,” and the rest of us will instantly recognize it as a Hufflepuff room. (I mean, come on, it’s right next to the kitchen.) It’s non-threatening, could look grown-up when family or guests visit, and still shows off our geek pride for those in the know.

When I told my idea to Mr. Geek, he just looked at me and said “Vigo.” Yes, he was referring to Vigo the Carpathian, the villain from Ghostbusters 2. A quick Google Search showed us that the painting of Vigo would indeed look nice in a yellow room with black accents. I would say it could even seem unassuming to a non-geek if it wasn’t for the pile of skulls at his feet. And of course, if Mr. Geek doesn’t go through with his (already vetoed) idea of making the eyes follow people around and also light up.


So: Do we go the subtle Hufflepuff route? Or go with a print of the Vigo the Carpathian painting? Let me know your pick (and why) in the comments below. Have a better idea? Leave a comment with that! Once the room is finished, I’ll post pics. Mr. Geek and I both anxiously await your votes. We’re leaving this room in your hands. Don’t mess this up.


  1. Hufflepuff. Always.

  2. I say go with Harry Potter. No one wants that creepy guy staring at them while they use the bathroom!

  3. Hufflepuff. I think I would get too freaked out having Vigo looking at me while using the toilet.

  4. Hufflepuff. I don’t want to be worrying whether there’s slime coming up from the sewers when I’m in a bathroom.

  5. Hufflepuff would be so cute (and I would be so jealous). You could get so many adorable wizardy accessories, too!

  6. Hufflepuff ftw!

  7. Hufflepuff because Harry Potter. Also what katy said. Sorry Mr. Geek.

  8. Hufflepuff is less threating and doesn’t conjure up images of gross slime and skulls, much more inviting for guests.

  9. Harry Potter, because Ministry of Magic.

  10. Both. It is all about compromise.

    Option 1- Hang Vigo above the toilet and the Hufflepuff on the opposite wall. Women get cute badger and Men get creepy guy staring at them.

    Option 2 – Photoshop Vigo holding a Badger.

  11. Obviously Ghostbusters!! Vigo FTW!!!

  12. Brooke: I love it! Hilarious. Your ideas will be taken into consideration.

  13. I definitely definitely vote for Harry Potter. Who doesn’t like badgers? Badgers are awesome. They can ALSO represent the Wind in the Willows, the badass badgers from the Redwall books and even that amusing honey badger internet meme. So much win!

  14. Also my crafter mind just sprang into action and OMG you could get / make a custom towel rack that’s carved to LOOK LIKE A WAND.

    Ok so possibly this could creep into the side of tacky, but it would be so fuuuuun!

  15. A badger would be subtle, but you could also go with 1) a portrait of Helga Hufflepuff 2) a portrait of the Fat Friar or 3) a portrait of Cedric Diggory (although I don’t know if Mr. Geek would want a picture of “that guy from Twilight” anywhere in the house…

  16. Why choose? Commission a mural of Vigo fighting a badger. Everyone wins.

  17. HP for life. And for bathroom.

  18. I’m just gonna say it… I might have leaned Ghostbusters but can anyone say they’d be able to actually ‘go’ with Vigo staring at them?

    The yellow and black begs for a One Ring theme if you ask me… 😉

  19. Sorry, I gotta go with Vigo. That painting is so crazy over-the-top it’s disarming and who WOULDN’T want that in their bathroom??? I WANT IT!

  20. Another compromise option: seasonal themes. My folks have certain artwork that cycles in an out depending on if the house is full of Christmas trees or Easter bunnies. You could get both pieces and alternate.

  21. Oh and also I vote for Hufflepuff because we are all Hufflepuffs and we know it.

  22. Hufflepuff.

    Mostly because I immediately thought of the badass honey badger as soon as you mentioned badgers. I would enjoy a nice honey badger thought whilst borrowing the honey pot.
    Also, you have 3 bathrooms (1 with 2 sinks!) enough for each house!

  23. Hufflepuff! Because I’m a Hufflepuff! … And there are some seriously entertaining things you can do with a an HP themed bathroom! I threw some various ideas onto a board ….

    Our sole, tiny bathroom has a Spider-Man theme! Bright colours make it feel a little bigger 🙂

  24. Hufflepuff because while it has been a while since I have watched any of the ghostbuster movies, my memories of that painting and Vigo are just down right creepy. I am not sure if I would be able to use your bathroom if I knew that painting was hanging in there.

  25. Hufflepuff. No question, really.

  26. Vigo, of course. Fits the colour scheme much better and might draw non-geeks to the dark side if they inquire about the painting.

  27. Vigo it is! It be awesome to see something a colloboration with vigo and the busters! 🙂

  28. We have a bathroom under the stairs and, I’m sorry, but nothing beats calling it the Harry Potty.

  29. Much as I love Harry, I have to say Vigo here. Please place him so that it looks like he’s staring right down into the toilet bowl!

  30. Vigo. I don’t even know why this is a question.

  31. Hufflepuff! Vigo is WAY too freaky.

  32. So, when I saw Harry Potter v Ghostbusters, I did instinctively side with HP. However.
    (And I’m not just saying this because I’m a Slytherin.)

    Vigo the Carpathian.

    WITH the moving eyes.

  33. Vigo with a badger head, it’s the only possible compromise.

  34. Harry Potter all the way!! There is no need for further explanation of this superior choice.

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