Contest: Hostess with The Mostest Shirt

Hostess has been going through a bit of trouble lately: strikes, bankruptcy, possibly closing down their company… so lucky me, to receive this shirt the day before the trouble started. After today, it could become a hot commodity! Plus, if they do shut down, I may actually become the Hostess with the Mostest. (Too soon?) sent me the shirt and wants to give one of you the shirt as well! The only catch is that if we’re ever both wearing the shirt in the same room, we must immediately enter into a Hostess’ duel. It’s kinda like Iron Chef, but cooler. You’ve been warned. Enter below!

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(This contest is open to US residents only. Sorry!)


  1. “…I may actually become the Hostess with the mostest.”

    Already happened.

  2. Entering several times just for the chance to face off with you in a Hostess’ duel. I’m guessing the secret ingredient would be Twinkies?

  3. Ahh! This is so cute!

  4. I love all the Wonder Woman t-shirts.

  5. I totally need this shirt!

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