Hosting a Vampire

…So you’ve invited a vampire into your home. It’s too late to uninvite him/her, so you better be prepared to entertain. No blood at home? Don’t worry, with this Vampire Condiment Gift Pack and bottle opener, chips and beer may be all you need.

Vampire Condiment Gift Pack, around $20 at

Vampire Tooth Bottle Opener, around $11 at

And you may want to cover the mirrors in your home. It’ll just make the vamp sad.

(Source: Geek Alerts)


  1. Love this! A friend of mine is competing in the Miss Vamp Hawaii pageant and this goes right along with the theme!

  2. That may be one of the coolest pageants I’ve ever heard of!

  3. Wait, Vamps have pageants!? Things I wish I knew! Prices aren’t bad for the items..definitely some cool stuff for a Halloween party!

  4. Yeah, it is pretty awesome! I think it’s the first pageant of it’s kind. It’s pretty spectacular though. Here’s a link to the promo video done by JHM productions, pretty nifty looking!

    Joe- You’re right, I like the bottle opener a lot, and the preserves are very interesting too, but I’m always weary of shipping from the UK.

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