Hunger Games-Inspired Drinks

It wouldn’t be a Geeky Hostess party without some cheesy themed drinks, so these are what I’ll be serving at my Pre-Hunger Games Party tomorrow night!

Attendees of my party will begin the night with one slip of paper in the reaping bowl. As the night goes on, they must put their name in each time they get a drink, lose a game, or make a party penalty (as decided by the others throughout the night). At various times, names will be drawn out and those “Tributes” must Wii box or Just Dance for our enjoyment. Let’s see what drinks the party-goers will be receiving tesserae for!

A White Russian with a drop of grenadine.

2oz vodka
1oz coffee liquor
light cream
drop of grenadine

Pour vodka and coffee liquor over ice, fill with light cream. Place a drop of grenadine on top, and allow to sink to the bottom.

A pink and bubbly drink worthy of Effie.

1oz Alize Red Passion

Pour the chilled Alize in a champagne flute, fill with champagne.

A simple drink with a fleck of gold, just like his signature look.

1 shot of Goldschlager

Who are we kidding? Haymitch doesn’t even need a glass. Just give him a whiskey bottle straight. (My attendees, however, can ┬áhave their whiskey neat or on the rocks in a glass if they so choose.)

As you can see, these are all super simple drinks that can add a bit of pop to your Hunger Games pre-party. What will you be drinking?


  1. These are awesome!

  2. I love these!! I have to add something…any kind of appetizer speared with little arrows instead of toothpicks!

  3. I’ll take one of each of these cocktails please! Nice to meet you at the BlogHer after party!

  4. Great to meet you as well!

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