Infinity Scarf + Purse = Sholdit

In the winter, I live in scarves. I have them in every color, and often reach for one over a necklace to compliment an outfit. Combine that love with the fact that I have back problems from carrying around a giant purse full of things I don’t need on a daily basis, and I’d say the Sholdit was made for me.

The Sholdit is a scarf/shawl/wrap that is also a clutch. No matter how you wear it, you’ll have access to a large zippered pocket that will allow you to put things like your phone, keys, and lip gloss in it. I think this would come in handy for walks downtown, heading to the gym, or any other time you want to stay warm and keep your hands free.

The Sholdits range in price from $49-79 a piece and are available at

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