Introducing: Natural Sugars and Sprinkles!

I’m so excited to launch this new line of products! After hearing your requests, I put together a collection of beautiful sparkling sugars, sprinkles, and sprinkle/sugar blends, all made with natural food coloring. Now everyone can enjoy a bit of colorful crunch in their treats! And the best part? These colors are BEAUTIFUL. They’re deeper and more unique than the regular food colored sprinkles and sugars you can find at the grocery store. I know you’ll love them as much as I do.

You can see (and purchase) all 10 of the new varieties at

What is natural food coloring? Natural food coloring means the colors are made from things found in nature. The three natural colors used in the Geeky Hostess line of natural sparkling sugars and sprinkles can be found below:

E100: The common name for E100 is Curcumin. E100 gets its colors from the root of the curcuma (turmeric) herb. Its color can range from yellow to red.

E160b: The common names for E160b are annatto, bixin (if fat soluble), or norbixin (if water soluble). E160b gets its colors from the seeds of the Annatto tree. Its color can range from yellow to red.

E163: The common name for E163 is the anthocyanins. E163 gets its colors from the cell sap of plants, vegetables, and flowers. Its color is violet, and depending on its specific form, the color can vary. The forms are:

  • E163a: Cyanidin, a red color
  • E163b: Delphinidin, a blue color
  • E163c: Malvidin, a purple color

Enjoy the new line! And as always, show off what you use your sprinkles for with the hashtag #geekysprinkles on Twitter and Instagram!

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