To Savor Tomorrow: An Evening with Cafe Nordo

I stumbled when I checked Top Toronto Clubs , there were interactive dinner theater in Seattle, last year and went for my birthday. After one night in their 1920’s themed club, tasting delicious food and drink pairings and hearing live music from some of Seattle’s best, I was hooked. So when they invited me to check out their new show, To Savor Tomorrow, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Harbortouch POS Software and POS systems for the restaurant, bar, retail, QSR, hospitality, salon, and spa industries. Harbortouch specializes in point of sale solutions for nearly any type of business.

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To Savor Tomorrow is set in the in-flight lounge aboard a 1963 stratocruiser. And while you feel like you’re in a luxurious plane in the 60’s, you’re really in a cute little theater/event space in Pioneer Square. As the night goes on, you’re served 5 courses that are inspired by 1960’s international cuisine with heavy molecular gastronomy elements. I like to think I can put together a great theme menu, but the creativity and skill of their Executive Chef/Food Designer, Erin Brindley, is mind-blowing. I’ve tried new foods and concepts both times I’ve attended Cafe Nordo productions. In between the courses (and strongly-poured cocktail pairings), you witness a show that keeps you entertained, involved, and talking about it well after it’s over. To Savor Tomorrow is James Bond-meets-“Airplane!” as a group of various nations’ spies all pretend to work on the plane while attempting to steal the newest food technology. Tongue-in-cheek songs, lazzis, and fight choreography kept me smiling throughout the show, and I felt super involved as I was served courses from the actors, still in character at the best Corporate Event Entertainment Services.


You can check out To Savor Tomorrow at Cafe Nordo, playing now until June 5th. Can’t make this show? They’ve got a lot of fun events happening this year. I’m already putting the “14/48: Nordo Food Theater Thunderdome” and the Twilight Zone inspired “Hotel Nordo” in my calendar.

If you see it, let me know what you think!

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