Jump From Paper


I’ve been a fan of Jump From Paper for a while, and was thrilled when they sent me a purse so I could see it in person! These trippy bags look 2D, but are actual real-live purses that can hold (mostly flat) things. The First Date bag would be best for holding an iPad, ID, money, and some small essentials. I can’t wait to use mine at cons and fun nights out–it’s sure to be an ice breaker!

Jump From Paper Collage

You can get your own bag at JumpFromPaper.us. They have some great selections that work for men and women, including a laptop sleeve and a larger bag they refer to as “Tank.” Now you’re one step closer to becoming a cartoon!


  1. That is the coolest – but also trippiest bag I’ve ever seen. It would be cool to own it though and freak some people out 😛 Great post!

  2. Showed this to my dad b/c I thought he’d find it cool… Now my step mom is planning to go to their LA store when they’re or there visiting at the end of the month!
    Hope they get me the green bag! But, I think she’s just going for the suitcase-y bag for herself…

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