LRR Con!

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When I’m not blogging and making cupcakes, I’m working with Dammit Liz Productions on awesome geeky events. And we have one coming up in May that I’m pretty psyched about! We’ll be putting on the first ever LoadingReadyRun Con.

LoadingReadyRun, for those who may not have heard of them, is an online sketch comedy troupe. They’ve created awesome content for The Escapist and Penny Arcade, and are celebrating 10 years of videos! They’ll be taking over the Doubletree Inn in Seattle exactly two months from now (May 10th) for a day of gaming, videos, and live entertainment. There will be board games, MtG, exclusive merch, a panel showcasing LRR’s favorite sketches, and a ┬áconcert in the evening.

Tickets are available for $25. For tickets, hotel room reservations, and more information,  check out

If you like hanging out with awesome geeky people, you’ve gotta go! I hope to see you there!


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