“Man” Candles

Yankee Candles launched a set of “Man Candles” that includes fragrances like Riding Mower, 2×4, First Down, and the weirdly named “Man Town”. I get the first three scents, but I don’t think I want anything to smell like a “man town.” These scents don’t seem too specific for men–I would enjoy them all myself. My guess is that these were made for women who wanted to secretly get themselves a gift by giving these to the men in their lives for Father’s Day. And for people who don’t feel comfortable buying candles named things like “Hugs and Kisses.”

Would you buy these candles? Do you think they need to create a specific men’s brand?

Man Candles, $17.99-27.99 at YankeeCandle.com.


  1. There was a guy that created actual “man scented” candles. As in, scents that only men are supposed to enjoy. I think it’s mandleco.com and they have “The Slab (bacon)” “Rawhide” “Kegger” and “Amsterdam” to name a few. Though I’m not sure ANYONE would enjoy those scents. There may have been another guy who did it before Mandle… Can’t remember.

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