My Week So Far

Tara's Week 2-20
Photos taken with my HTC One X+

Many of you may not have heard yet, but this week’s been pretty big for me. I left a full-time job behind to pursue more of Geeky Hostess. I’m still doing some part-time/freelance work here and there, but most of my energy and time will now be spent towards this blog and the brand behind it. I’m beyond excited!

I’ve captured some pics of my week so far so you can get a glimpse into what goes on in my life. Clockwise from top left:

  1. I’ve started some part-time content creation for The House of Bachelorette and some other fun party sites. Being geeky is great, but being surrounded by bright pink glittery things a couple times a week is awesome!
  2. Filming a pretty exciting announcement for Job Hunters. Check out our panel at Emerald City Comicon to see it!
  3. When life gives you extra cupcake batter (after making three types of cupcakes for friends’ birthdays), make mini cupcakes for yourself!

March will be a bit crazy with Emerald City Comicon, LA Webfest, and PAX East (you’ll be able to see me in panels/screenings/performances at each), but keep an eye out for updates and announcements as the Geeky Hostess brand grows. And in the meantime, let me know what you want to see more of. Photo posts? Videos? Recipes?  Product posts? Contests? Mr. Geek? Something entirely different?

Here’s to plenty of busy weeks full of blog posts, meetings, conventions, shoots, and of course, cupcakes!


  1. Congratulations! Amazing things ahead!

  2. Congrats! I have to say one of my favorite things about you and your blog is that you balance geeky things with more feminine things and don’t apologize for it. 🙂

    I would love to see more posts with your own personal flair/opinions in them. I love the content you post and create (such as recipes and reviews) but I also think it would be nice to have a bit more insight into your views on things!

  3. Suzanna, thank you so much!

    I will do my best to add more of my insight/view into my posts. Great feedback!

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