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Sous vide is one of those things I’ve always wanted to try, but assumed I’d never be able to. For those uninitiated, sous vide consists of cooking food in water at a low temperature (less than boiling). Many items are placed in vacuum-sealed bags and may need to cook for a couple hours. To do it successfully, you need to be able to have water continuously circulating and always at the same temperature.

This is where Nomiku comes in. Nomiku is a super easy, well designed gadget that allows you to sous vide at home. You just need the Nomiku, a large pot, and whatever you want to put in it. The Nomiku even comes with basic instructions and information on sous vide so anyone can get started.

I received a Nomiku to try, and I have to say, it sat in its box for a week or so. I was afraid. Would I be able to sous vide? Would I like what was made? Do I need to know how to plate things all fancy, like in the video? But I took it out and tried it last night, and I absolutely love it. I started simple with eggs (sous vide eggs are something many people talk about. If you’re looking for perfectly cooked eggs, this is the way to do it). The great thing about eggs is that they don’t need a vacuum sealed bag, since they’re in the shell! (And sous vide poached eggs are much easier than the traditional because they can stay in their shell.)

I set the Nomiku to 64°C, placed the eggs in the pot, and waited for an hour. When they were done, I cracked them onto a toasted english muffin. The egg itself was beautiful. The yolk was nearly set, and looked like a gorgeous yellow jewel. The egg white was fairly runny but kept a tiny bit of its shape. Everything about the eggs were consistent and delicious.

Mr. Geek and I are already plotting what we’ll try next. We’re wanting to do some steak soon, as well as try their recipe for “Deep Fried Egg Yolks.” And I may play around with scrambled eggs and also compare sous vide hard boiled eggs to traditional hard boiled eggs on the stove. I’ll slowly work my way up to fancy dishes and pretty plating, but for now I’m eating my projects quicker than I can plate them. 😉

If you’re interested in this cooking style, you should pre-order a Nomiku now for $299.95. Not sure if you’d like sous vide? Attend the Nomiku event this Sunday, November 17th in Seattle. Two Nomiku Kickstarter backers will be going head-to-head Top Chef style to make the best sous vide dish. You’ll be able to see the Nomiku in action and try the food! I’ll be there.

Have you tried sous vide? What should I make with my Nomiku next?


  1. I’m absolutely rabid to try doing about a zillion things sous-vide, and my husband is a culinary student, who has his own ideas…but we don’t have the extra $300.

    I would recommend trying a couple of large protein dishes, like a steak or some chicken thighs that can be finished off with a quick sear (to get that Maillard deliciousness) and a sauce. I’ve even seen recipes for sous-vide prime rib roasts.

  2. Yum! I’ve seen a lot of steak/beef options, but haven’t seen much in the way of chicken. I’ll have to give that a try!

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