Recipes From Extra Life: Saints Flow

It was late. I needed to make an energy drink. And I was slowly losing my mind. Watch me laugh to avoid crying in pain. Join me.

Want to make your own Saints Flow? (Why? Why would you do that?)


  • 1 can Cranberry Red Bull
  • 1 bottle generic 5 Hour Energy, in berry flavor
  • 20 ounces (or so) of pink stuff. (Tropical punch in a gallon jug)
  • A splash of Grape Juice (bonus if it’s warm and leftover from dinner)


Mix the ingredients together. Drink. Cry.


  1. Hilarious.You should do a series: “Tara’s Sleep Deprived Kitchen.”

  2. I love your recipes Tara! You come up with a lot of great ideas. I love this one! It’s not the best but its not too bad once you get used to it! I support you 🙂

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