Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillows


One of my favorite parts of PAX East was visiting the Classic Console room and playing some SNES with my little brother. It felt like we were kids again, fighting over games! Now I can relive the nostalgia of old-school Nintendo games in my home with ThinkGeek’s Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillows. They’ve created some game names that I wish existed when I was younger, and made the pillows extra large and squeezable.


Now that I’m home with the “con crud,” “PAX Pox” or whatever the kids are calling it now, snuggling up with these, some classic consoles, and some chicken soup is pretty much all I want.

You can get a pair of these pillows for $34.99 at

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  1. I’ve always been a fan of “conventionitis”. Which I now have, too. 🙁

    Get well soon!

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