Gift Ideas for RPG Players

I had the pleasure of joining the Dungeons and Dragons podcast to chat about some fun gift ideas for the holidays. You can listen to the podcast and check out some of my suggestions here. Want some more gift ideas for your dungeon master, adventuring party, or a friend who loves RPGs? Any of these are guaranteed to be a critical hit!



Why give a boring bottle of wine when you can give a bottle of mead? The honey wine will be more in-game appropriate. Sip some IRL while your characters sip some in the tavern! I particularly enjoy the meads from Northwest Mountain Winery. They have a sweet mead made from raspberry honey, and a “fire-breathing mead” made with jalepenos that’ll be perfect for the Dragonborns in your party. $20.

D20 Underwear


Gain Charisma just by wearing this underwear! The cheeky panty has a rhinestone D20 on it. $15.

Eye of the Beholder Dice Bag


Store your dice in style with this Beholder dice bag, designed by Scott Kurtz. The eye stalks are poseable and act as drawstrings. I mean, how ridiculously amazing is this? $20.

Fireball Truffles

Edible Fireballs

These gorgeous truffles are fun to bite into! Between the pop rocks and the heat from the chili pepper, it’s an adventure in chocolate. Your friend will love the homemade touch! Recipe here.

D20 Mini Cake Pan

D20 cake pan

This is the gift for RPG lovers and bakers (cough, like a certain Geeky Hostess you may know, cough). It looks like there may be a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you can make cakes and rolls in the shape of a D20! On sale for $10.

Plush Gelatinous Cube

Gelatinous Cube

Snuggle up with this adorable gelatinous cube, made by Weregeek! $19.

Surprise Balls

DnD Surprise Ball

Invite your friends to a special holiday game of Dungeons and Dragons by giving them surprise balls with instructions and information (as well as a set of dice!) DIY Instructions here.

Dungeon Mistress Print

Dungeon Mistress

This beautiful print is the perfect gift for the Dungeon Mistress in your life. The prints are limited edition and hand-numbered! $25.

 RPG Tea Gift Basket

RPG Collection

Enjoy a hot cup of tea based on your favorite RPG class with this basket of goodies from Friday Afternoon Tea. The set includes 2 ounces each of the RPG character class blends as well as a Friday-green teacup and a pack of 100 T-Sac filters, wrapped all up in a gorgeous giftable basket! $75.

Win an RPG Tea Gift Basket! Enter below. A winner will be chosen on Thursday, December 18!

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  1. This is so much fun! <3

    I love to play a mage in video game rpgs, but in D&D I've been mixing things up each time I get a chance. I like the cleric.

  2. I’m usually a ranger or druid. I LOVE classes that get animal companions. <3

  3. Warrior, Mage, or Druid… I’m always mixing it up. lol As long as no one expects me to be the healer. 😛

  4. I’m having a lot of trouble resisting the urge to buy myself a gelatinous cube. So many hours of my life have been lost to them that I feel a sort of Stockholm Syndrome toward them.

  5. I usually play a rogue or a ranger. But sometimes it is just fun to play a smashy warrior!

  6. I’ve never gotten to play a class. None of my friends want to have the responsibility of Dungeon Master. So I’m always Dungeon master, which isn’t bad. I do enjoy the story telling. But just once I want to play a paladin.

  7. Paladin. Even when I try something else out for a while, I come back to Pallys.

  8. A warrior! 🙂

  9. Forever a ranger

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