Should a Robot Officiate Your Wedding?

You’re a geek and you’re getting married. Congratulations! There are a lot of wonderful ways to add a personal “geeky” touch to your ceremony. But would you want to go as far as a robot officiating?

A couple in Japan did.

The first couple to ever have a robot officiate their ceremony was wed this week. The robot in charge was the I-Fairy, as seen at this year’s CES.

Although a unique idea, I feel the robot took away from the bride and groom. It’s your day–make sure a hunk of metal isn’t stealing all of the attention. And once the bride and groom left the room, you could feel the eyes in the audience drift back to the robot, standing, staring in the back. Creepy. Your guests shouldn’t have to worry about the likelihood of that robot coming to life.

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