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A Meaningful, Geeky Wedding in 5 Minutes

Last week, I saw a beautiful wedding and the party was stunning www.hensnightsydney.com did a memorable job. I wasn’t invited and the ceremony took 5 minutes, but I could tell just by watching that it was significant, meaningful, and perfect for the couple. The couple had met at a previous […]


Win Tickets to Wedlocks

My friend and geeky event-planner extraordinaire Kelli Bielema is hosting a really fun event this weekend and she wants to give YOU free tickets! It’s in Seattle on Sunday,  March 30th, which is during Emerald City Comicon, but if you didn’t get tickets or just need a break on Sunday […]

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Anybots: Send Robots in Your Place

Do you have a wedding, important conference, Birthday Party or other big event coming up, but you just don’t feel like going?  Your 30th birthday party isn’t just to celebrate the end of your 20s, but to also kick off a brand new chapter. Your 30th birthday party should be […]

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It’s Hug a Geek Day!

May 29th may not officially be “Hug a Geek Day” (yet), but it’s my personal Hug a Geek Day. 2 years ago today, Mr. Geek and I got married. (It was magical, and if you haven’t yet seen the video, you can check it out here.) On this day, I […]

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Titanium Escape Ring

Feel a bit like Bond wherever you go with the Titanium Escape Ring. This ring has a hidden saw/shim pick tool inside of it that will allow you to open handcuffs and cut through zip-ties, duct tape, rope, or whatever else you may currently be tied up in. Think of […]


Board Game Wedding Invites

I think something may be in the water… tons of lovely, geeky couples have gotten engaged over the last couple months. I get so excited when I see wedding plan updates on Facebook and Twitter! The most fun part of the wedding planning for me was finding ways to sneak […]


Doctor Who Wedding Cake Topper

This image has been floating around Tumblr and nerd blogs. Much like Doctor Who himself, I have no clue how to find it. If you know, leave a link in the comments! Everyone needs a Doctor Who cake topper/table decoration.