Doctor Who Wedding Cake Topper

This image has been floating around Tumblr and nerd blogs. Much like Doctor Who himself, I have no clue how to find it. If you know, leave a link in the comments! Everyone needs a Doctor Who cake topper/table decoration.


  1. Still trying to find where to order one. Has anyone found out?

  2. I think it might be pieces put together, not one thing that you can buy.

  3. Its two cake toppers put together. But with the Tardis you have to make sure to get the one that can open.

  4. Its the “Race to the altar” cake topper: . And a Doctor Who flight control Tardis, which can be found at Barnes and Noble!

  5. Ahh! You’re the best! I only wish I had thought of this for my own wedding…

  6. I want this i am getting married in 6 weeks and want it please tell me where to get it!!!!

  7. Corinna, it looks like it was actually made. If you find a wedding topper and a large TARDIS, you can make one yourself! (Congrats on your upcoming wedding!)

  8. We do doctor who cake toppers! But I don’t want to spam! But we are on Amazon and our own site! Bee3Dgifts

  9. LOL, I did this except it was the bride and groom ass grab standing in front of and looking at the Tardis.

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