Smells Like Geek Spirit- DnD Scents

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is known for creating unique scents featuring geeky themes and gothic undertones, and they’ve outdone themselves with their new RPG line. They created scents named after the classes, races, and alignments in the D&D world. Just like you combine those traits to create your character, you can combine these to create your own unique scent. The scents are strongly musk-based and seem perfect to put you in the mood for some adventuring and battle.

These scents would also be great to integrate into a room fragrance or candle. It would set the mood perfectly for your D&D campaign! Or, get sample vials of each, and have your players pick their characters based on scent.

Which would be your scent of choice? I’m loving the Elf myself.

The RPG Series: $17.50 for 5mL vial.

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