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Smell Like a Geek with Marie DeMars

I was recently asked to try out some of Marie DeMars’ scents and I was thrilled to see that she had some inspired by Doctor Who. I received a sampler and they arrived in this amazing TARDIS box, as seen above. (I’d rather get a present in this blue box […]

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Smell Like Your Favorite Beverage

Commodity has created some beautifully simple scents based on some of your favorite things like whiskey, tea, and paper. Even cooler: you fill out a scent profile, and they mail you samples of some scents they think you’ll like. You pick out your faves, and they’ll send you a full-size […]

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Geek Beauty: ZOMG Smells

When I approached this booth at GeekGirlCon, I immediately understood their name. You can’t have any reaction other than “ZOMG Smells” when you see their offerings. Whether you like something musky, fruity, flowery, or sugary, there’s a scent for you. With names like “Baby Unicorn Birthday Party” and “SpaceBat,” you […]

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Smell Like a TARDIS: Geeky Perfumes

Etsy shop Delightful Rot creates geeky fragrances and essential oils, and I’m almost positive none of them smell like rotting. Instead, smell like a TARDIS, Sonic Screwdriver, Blood Bath, or Sherlock himself. Not sure which scent to start with? Grab some samples at $1 each. Perfume Oil/Mist, prices ranging from […]

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Smells Like Geek Spirit- DnD Scents

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is known for creating unique scents featuring geeky themes and gothic undertones, and they’ve outdone themselves with their new RPG line. They created scents named after the classes, races, and alignments in the D&D world. Just like you combine those traits to create your character, you […]