Smell Like a Geek with Marie DeMars


I was recently asked to try out some of Marie DeMars’ scents and I was thrilled to see that she had some inspired by Doctor Who. I received a sampler and they arrived in this amazing TARDIS box, as seen above. (I’d rather get a present in this blue box than in that other blue box, am I right, ladies?) Mr. Geek and I both have a thing for cool boxes, and right away he picked it up. “Where did this come from? What is this?” He was sold. Basically, even after the perfume is gone, I’m keeping the box for tiny treasures. It’s awesome.

Anyway, let’s get to the perfume! I received Silence in the LibraryElevenRiver Song, and Corsair. They’re all oil-based and go on incredibly smooth. They’re warm and musky scents, but wear subtly, which is nice. Silence in the Library makes me think of sitting on a big, comfy chair with multiple old books surrounding me. Eleven makes me feel like The Doctor gave me a big hug and his scent stayed with me, River Song is simply delicious and a little spicy (just like the woman herself), and Corsair is smooth, yet surprising. Although they are all lovely, River Song was my favorite scent to wear. I kept smelling my wrists after putting it on!

You can purchase the scents individually or in a trio. Not sure which ones to get? Get a sampler like mine! And lucky you, Geeky Hostess readers get 30% off with code “GEEKYHOSTESS”. Visit Marie DeMars’ Etsy shop to try these perfumes and more!


  1. Man, Tara. You sure now how to make me spend my money, lol. But I was in the market for some new perfume oils.

  2. Muahaha, the plan is working… 😉

  3. Hmm…Doctor Who perfume, but no Petrichor? I call shenanigans.

  4. @Sarahalyse, Marie DeMars actually does make a Petrichor scent, it just wasn’t in the sample box. It’s a tough call between Petrichor and River Song, but I think Petrichor might be my favorite scent that she makes : )

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