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We geeks have known something for a while: Glasses are awesome. They can make you look smart, make you look mysterious, make you look like a superhero in disguise, and above all, they can help you SEE. I’ve always wanted glasses and was thrilled when all of my reading and computering meant I needed to get some basic reading glasses. As I get older (and with both of my parents needing glasses), it’s likely that I’ll get to move onto some full-time eyewear, and I can’t wait. The right pair of glasses can frame your face, help your eyes stand out, and complete any outfit. I see myself having a row of glasses like some people have watches, picking the right one for the right day.

NW8001_purple horn
Like these purple and gold ones! Love ’em!

I’ve recently been introduced to VSP Direct, a super-inexpensive individual vision insurance plan, and am psyched to see that I can continue with my yearly check-ups without spending tons of money out of pocket (my health insurance doesn’t currently cover vision). And when the day comes where I get to pick out some frames of my own, VSP has an allowance for the trendy eyewear I want to get. Plus, they’re currently running a Pinterest contest with Nine West eyewear: winners can receive a year of free vision insurance AND Nine West giftcards. Sweet! You can check out VSP here.


So in the meantime, I’ll just keep trying on frames whenever I get the chance (and rocking my “Kitten with glasses” top)  and going to my yearly check-up. Who knows, I could be rocking these looks permanently in the near future!

Do you wear glasses? What do you love about them? What frame shape/color works best for you?

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  1. Having glasses bums me out :[ I’ve had to wear them full time since I was 9 (I’m now 27), and they’re such a hassle. They get scratched easily, smudged and dirty easily, and people who don’t wear them don’t seem to realize how fragile/important they are. I can’t count the number of times someone has taken my glasses and, after folding them up, set them on a surface with the lenses facing down. I worry a lot about them getting broken or lost, because I legitimately can’t see without them. I don’t have a backup pair, and I could never get the hang of contact lenses.

    I always thought it would be exciting to have multiple pairs at my disposal so that I could accessorize, but the issue I found there is that, depending on the shape of the glasses (and subsequently the shape of the lenses), it takes a few days adjustment to comfortably wear a new pair of glasses. The first day my vision was always slightly skewed/off. At one point I did have two pairs, and it wasn’t easy to swap back and forth because of that ever-constant ~two day period of adjustment. I don’t know if this is a common problem, but it was with me.

    It’s fun to see an article touting the good things about glasses! It’s funny that I came across your article when I did. I had just finished a long text exchange with a friend about why I hate having glasses so much, but I’m still hesitant to get corrective surgery. I’ve had them for so long that they’re a part of me, and even though I dislike having them, I’m still hesitant to let go.

    My mom had corrective surgery, but now needs glasses for reading. She has a good time picking out various, inexpensive frames for her reading and computer needs.

    Those big black frames really suit you! 🙂

  2. Miranda,

    Thanks for such a terrific response! I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had a great time with glasses. As far as switching out, have you tried finding a frame that works for you that happens to come in a variety of colors? That way you don’t have to adjust to a new shape but can still change up your look and have a back-up pair!

    If glasses aren’t your thing, I have heard a lot of good things about corrective surgery. I would just be bummed to lose such a fun accessory, myself! 😉

  3. I’d never considered getting the same pair in multiple colors, actually! Now I feel a little silly, haha xD

    My mom has offered corrective surgery as a birthday gift ever since I turned 18, but I’ve been too terrified! My goal is to do it for my birthday next year though. Perhaps a good ten years of waiting is long enough!

  4. Enjoy having the option to wear glasses while you can. When my brother got glasses two years before me, I wanted them so badly but then when I had to wear them I wasn’t so thrilled. I have had to wear glasses since I was 8. They’re really annoying when it’s cold outside and I walk into a warm store or get on the bus and they get all fogged up and I can’t see for a little bit. But for the most part I love glasses and I’m so glad that so many places sell them online or I wouldn’t be able to afford them. I think I look best in purple glasses, which is what mine are now.

    By the way, I highly recommend zennioptical.com. They sell super affordable glasses (like $10 for frames and prescription lenses!) that are really sturdy and last a long time, so if you want a bunch of different pairs of glasses, it’s still really affordable. That’s where I get all of my glasses.

  5. Purple glasses are awesome! Nice pick.

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