Star Wars Cantina Potluck

I’ve gotten really into potlucks lately. It gives you a great opportunity for a get-together without putting the burden of the entire party on one person. Plus, everyone will know they’ll have at least one thing they want to eat, and when you throw themed parties (as I often do), you’ll get to see the creativity of your friends. (Hint: It often surpasses mine!)

So, when I told my friends I was throwing a Cantina party, and they were all to come dressed as aliens and bring a food from their planet, they did so with flair. Their costumes were fantastic–we had aliens from Star Wars, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Doctor Who. We also had a lot of original characters. And the best part? They all brought delicious (and on-theme) food.

Cantina Potluck Collage

Also, dry ice. Dry ice is the best. They’re the perfect accessory for the Star Wars cocktails I posted about earlier!

Dry Ice

I didn’t do a lot with decor this time, and instead focused on a few central activities. These included:

“Cantina Band Auditions”

Cantina Band

The party store had tons of little party favor musical instruments, including these ridiculous recorders. They were the perfect thing to make party attendees play! They sounded awful. Pretty sure they were unanimously banned from use after the first or second person tried.

“Who Shot First” Game

Who Shot First

Mr. Geek adapted the game Cash and Guns into something he felt was more suitable for the night: We used wooden pegs and metal money instead of the cards and cash the games came with.

Music: 10 Hours of the Cantina Band

This is a thing. You’re welcome/I’m sorry. Our party attendees had the song stuck in their head for days.

Would you throw a Cantina party? What activities/elements would you include? And what alien/potluck dish would you come as/bring? (And don’t forget to check out my other post for fun Star Wars cocktails for your Cantina party!)


  1. It speaks volumes about the quality of its composition that I did *not* hate the Cantina Band song after this party.

  2. This is bloody brilliant! I think I need to host a Star Wars Cantina party!

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