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Contest: Let’s Panic About Babies!

Spring is in the air, and with that warm sunshine and hint of birdsong comes BABIES. TONS of babies. I’ve purchased three baby gifts in the past week, and have some more on the horizon. Are you also in search of baby shower gifts that aren’t lame? Buy the baby […]

Gift Ideas

Adorable Geeky Onesies

  Geekling Designs has some of the best geeky onesies I’ve seen in a very long time. Every time I tried to pick a favorite, more incredible ones came along. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, Star Wars, math, Doctor Who, Nintendo, or pretty much any other geek thing, […]

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Onesies for your Lil’ Geek

  Mike Vasquez of Terrible Designs┬áhas started production on a line of geeky onesies, and is calling upon the help of backers on Kickstarter to release the line. His Kickstarter campaign is already at 3 times his goal, but there’s still time if you want to donate a bit and […]

Gift Ideas

HTML For Babies

It’s never to early to make sure your child is learning the important things. As someone who uses HTML daily, I would have loved to have started my education at a younger age. This book is volume one in the three-part “Web Design for Babies” series. Keep an eye out […]

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Super Babies!

Someone get me an infant to dress, asap. (Sorry, is that too creepy?) But seriously. If I saw a baby wearing this Batman onesie, I would think they had the coolest parents in the world (and that the baby is unusually buff for its age…) Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green […]