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Extra Life: 24 Hours of Gaming for Kids

Extra Life is coming up on October 20th, and I’ll be doing it bigger and better than ever this year. I’ve teamed up with Team Hypercube, Satire, and a whole bunch of special guests to game for 24 hours straight. We’ll have an amazing tech set up with multiple cameras […]

Geeky Kids

Wolverine Claws. For Children.

Never thought giant claws protuding from a hand would elicit an “aww”? Then you’ve never seen these. At $12.95, you have no reason not to dress your children up in these soft claws and make them fight—I mean play pretend. Wolverine Soft Claws, one-size-fits-most-children. $12.95 at Neatoshop.  

A Geeky Home

Sleep Like a Princess

Your child will be whisked off to the ball in dreamland in this ridiculously lavish coach bed. At $47,000(!), it seems like a pretty ridiculous purchase, but could be made by hand for only a few hundred if you’re the crafty sort. I tried to see if they have anything […]

Geeky Fashion, Gift Ideas

Onesies for your Lil’ Geek

  Mike Vasquez of Terrible Designs┬áhas started production on a line of geeky onesies, and is calling upon the help of backers on Kickstarter to release the line. His Kickstarter campaign is already at 3 times his goal, but there’s still time if you want to donate a bit and […]

Gift Ideas

Plush Dolls Made Out of Children’s Drawings

Child’s Own Studios takes your child’s drawing and turns it into a unique plush toy. They stay as authentic as possible to the original drawing and create some really fun things. Cost is quoted for each individual project, but a gift certificate for a doll runs $100 plus $15 shipping. […]

Gift Ideas

Kid’s Book with Heat Sensitive Ink

Keep Our Secrets, a book coming out by McSweeney’s in November, has heat-sensitive, color-changing ink on every page. The book shows a boy and girl walking through a house, finding weird surprises at every turn. Take a look at a demo below: And if you haven’t yet read it, take […]

Geek Etiquette

Adorable Darth Vader

Well, that’s a phrase I never thought I’d write. You’ve probably seen this ad making the rounds: It’s a Super Bowl ad for Volkswagen that shows parents using their car’s new technology to grow their child’s imagination (and potentially scar the child for life, making him think he has The […]